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About Us


Donna & Cindy with Ruby as BIS Puppy

StarPONs was founded in 1988 by Donna Gray
and is is the oldest active breeding/showing kennel for the Polish Lowland Sheepdog in the US.

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Contact Us

Donna Gray

Harrisburg, NC
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Cindy Czerechowicz

Palatine, IL
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Our Goal

To provide wonderful healthy companions who will bring joy to your household;

To maintain contact with each puppy we bring in to the world;

To make a difference -- not only in the Polish Lowland Sheepdog world -- but in others' lives;

To provide opportunities for friendship, mentoring and life-long support.

Devoted to Polish Lowland Sheepdogs exclusively since 1986

We raise our puppies in a hands-on fashion; teaching them about the world around them from birth. We start with Early Neurological Stimulation and they receive a variety of daily socialization which changes as they grow. We want our puppies to leave us having experienced not only life as a housedog, but exposure to strangers, noises inside the homes and out, car trips, collars and leads, crates, etc. We invest a tremendous amount of time in our puppies to ensure that they are ready for their new lives as showdogs and companions. And that’s why...

We screen our potential puppy owners carefully. We try to match the right puppy with the right home based on the information provided to us by you. We are PON parents not salespeople; and want the best lives possible for our puppies. We can tell you about the positives and negatives of owning a PON and can describe each individual puppy’s personality and temperament at that time. Our puppies are sold on a contract which states that we have first right of refusal. If for any reason you can’t keep your PON we will take it back.

We remain your breeder for the life of your dog. We are here to answer whatever questions you have, no matter how old your dog is. Our support continues well after you leave with your puppy as we want our dogs to have loving homes for their entire lifetime. They deserve nothing less and we feel responsible for ensuring that.

Please be sure you find a breeder that you feel comfortable with as a mentor and hopefully even as a friend.